You'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory ~ author unknown

How to get your Honeymoon full of Phenomenal Moments and less Stress?

Can you answer yes, to any of these questions?

-Are you overwhelmed with all the research?
-Feel lost without a GPS
-Not sure which resort or destination is affordable for you?
-Not sure you trust faceless resort reviews from strangers?
-Stressing about wedding planning, let alone honeymoon plans?
-Worried about making a mistake with your money?
-Don't have time to dig through zillions of websites? (heck, you don't even know where to start!)
-Have you heard about other's horror stories, their honeymoon was disappointing?
-Or worse yet, heard about a denied boarding situation and they did not get to honeymoon as planned!

Stop Spending Every Extra Minute in Your Day Trying to Figure It All Out

Don’t worry you’re in the right place, Trish at Just 4U Travel has been helping honeymoon couples since 1991. This is YOUR first time planning a really big vacation, it isn’t ours. We don’t just punch a few keys for you "a trip" and call it a day. We are uber organized and caringly craft romantic honeymoons for the first chapter in your love story.

When you make your appointment we will meet on Zoom for a video chat. No need to drive to our office. Planning session are available evenings and weekends too!

Let’s work together, here's what to expect:

-Provide advice on typical weather patterns. Funfact - The Island chain of the Bahamas is chilly Nov. to Mar.
- Explain the “why” resort A is different than B – both look nice on the website.
- Provide the best option based on what your budget needs are.
- Make sure you are 100 percent ready before travel begins.
-Make sure you know if a passport is needed, and help with applying.
- Coordinate honeymoon inclusions with resorts for you! Funfact- Most resorts require you provide proof of recent marriage to receive honeymoon amenities.
- Take care of airline travel plans and transportation to and from the resort so you aren't left stranded in a strange country.
- Treat you like a VIP not some booking number.
-A single point of contact to ask travel related questions.
- Arrange payment plans for you, interest free. Making it affordable!
- Arrange paying portions different ways or different credit cards.
- Remind you on final payment. I know you are busy with wedding planning.
- Provide inside information on any news worth crises.
Provide my personal cell phone for any during travel emergencies. FunFact- Our travel partners often provide 24 hour assistance as well, just in case I am unavailable.

What do clients say...

"We had such a blast, everything was perfect. This place is awesome!" ~ Shannon & Mitch

"We such a great time in Hawaii, can't wait till our next vacation! Everything was exactly as planned.~ "Mary

"Trish has firsthand knowledge of so many wonderful destinations; we can always rely on her expert hand to guide us to make the best decision for the most outstanding vacation. Just knowing that Trish is there for us should any issues arise allows us to sit back and enjoy our trip. We would never vacation without Trish’s assistance! "~ Claire & Brad

Hawaii was a must for us, thank you for making it easy. First class as amazing and the whole trip did not suck! lol ~ Barb & Denis

We will virtually meet each other on Zoom (Video conference). No need to you to drive to meet with us. I can share screen, pictures etc.

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